New energy vehicle innovation policy will push the battery and other core technology research


July 4, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier Ma Kai in Beijing to study the development of new energy automotive industry, and held a new energy vehicle promotion and application forum.

Ma Kai said that the current development of China's new energy vehicles are still climbing over the key, difficult to tackle the key stage, we must always adhere to the development of new energy vehicles national strategy unwavering, continue in accordance with the "market-led, innovation-driven, key breakthrough, coordinated development" The requirements of the industry to do the whole industry chain, industrial layout, development and safety of the three co-ordination, do the battery, charging, vehicle and mechanism "four innovations."

Ministry of Industry and Deputy Minister Xin Guobin said at the forum that the development of new energy vehicles in the global scope has entered the speed stage, the increasingly fierce competition, China's new energy vehicle development has made significant progress, but the foundation is not strong, power battery and other core technology still Did not achieve a fundamental breakthrough, especially in the promotion of application there are still some problems.

To this end, the Ministry of Industry is studying the development of "on the integration of new energy vehicles innovation and development guidance."

Data show that China's new energy automotive industry to promote the application since the beginning of 2009, 2012 to promote the use of 17,000, 2013-2014 to promote the use of 10.1 million, 2015 jumped to 379,000, 2016 production of 517,000, continuous Two annual production and sales ranks first in the world, the cumulative application of more than 1 million, accounting for more than 50% of the global market.

Promote battery innovation

"In the four innovations that promote the use of new energy vehicles, the battery innovation is particularly worthy of attention." Prado Venture Capital Investment Director Zhang Chi analysis of the 21st century economic report, the battery is the core of electric vehicles, But also the bottleneck of electric vehicle economy.

Specifically, Ma Kai requires innovative research and development model, increase research and development efforts to ensure that by 2020 to achieve monomer 350, the system 260 watts / kg target. Accelerate the development of new batteries and fuel cells.

Data show that by the end of 2016, power battery monomer energy density of 270 watts / kg, the price of 1.5 yuan / watt, compared with 2012 energy density increased 1.7 times, the price fell 60%.

Ningping New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Li Ping said that in terms of energy density, the current 200-250 watts per kilogram of batteries have been batch matching SAIC, Geely and Beiqi and other high-end models, 300-350 watts per kilogram The next generation of lithium battery research and development breakthrough, 2019 - 2020 can be mass production.

In the battery system costs, Xin Guobin at the forum, this year, China's battery system costs continue to decline, it is now 1.5 yuan / watt, even by 2020 down to 1 yuan / watt, for loading 40-60 Kilowatt-hour battery mainstream models, with the traditional fuel vehicles there are about 30,000 yuan cost gap, still do not have enough market competitiveness, the recent power battery raw material prices showed an upward trend, to the cost of vehicle control pressure.

To this end, the Ministry of Industry proposed to implement the power battery upgrade project to carry out key materials, single battery and battery management system and other technical joint research to accelerate the realization of power battery performance in 2020 and cost reduction targets.

In the charging innovation, Ma Kai requirements aimed at standardization, networking, intelligence and high power, speed up the development of advanced charging technology. Strengthen the construction of facilities, innovative business model, to solve the shortage of the number of charging piles, old residential transformation and "vehicle charging interface is not compatible" problem.

In this regard, the State Grid Corporation Chairman Shu Yinbiao said that by 2020 will invest 25.02 billion yuan, built 12 million charging pile, inter-city fast-charge network covering Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta region and other cities and other major cities 202, Highway 36,000 miles, the suburbs of the county service radius of not more than 5 km, the service radius of the city is not more than 3 km, the city service radius of not more than 1 km.

Shu Yinbiao also revealed that the "thirteen five" plan to invest 12 billion yuan to build the transformation of the relevant distribution network for all types of social capital investment pile to do a good job of power supply services, the maximum streamlined charging facilities then telegraph process, so that "only one Door, only the last network, you can handle all the electricity procedures. "

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