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The company believes in fair and humane care as the foundation of the management philosophy, encourage employees and management layer to bear responsibility and share the results.

 It includes the following contents :

1. Quality Policy:   To do the job, to ensure the quality of every process and each product;

                                  To make joint efforts to ensure the satisfaction of every customer;

2. Work Performed Ideas  Perform, there is no reason, no excuse, go to think of a way!

                                              The reasonable request is the exercise, the unreasonable request is the training!

                                              Result oriented, efficiency is the first!

3. Personal growth thinking:  Only give you the opportunity to hone the efforts, you will only be on the road to success!

                                                 Success comes from your 100 percent responsible attitude!

                                                 The person who gives you the most stress is the person who makes you become a useful person!

4. HuaYang’s warn and teach:

1) You must obey, don't complain, but you can appeal.

2)Ensure the quality of your work, which is your most basic professional ethics.

3) IF have no ability to solve the problem, do not let go of the problem.

4) If you're haggle over every ounce , then your life will be mediocre.

5)Others don't like you for the reason that are on your own.

6)You do not make others happy, others will not make you happy.

7)Need to do with seal, need to ask for instructions without seal.

8)Promote the achievement awareness, cut unaccomplished.

9)Advocate pay a heavy responsibility, remove trouble from team.

10)Any of your words and actions must be in the interest of the team.

◆  Customer's request is command.


◆ Only customers get satisfied that Huayang can live on the world, otherwise we will dying out.

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