Huayang brand began in 1993, has been 20 years of brand history inheritance

Changzhou Huayang Vehicle Accessories Co.,LTD in Changzhou which is a beautiful city beside the old canal. The traffic is very convenient. Its east is Shanghai and Hangzhou, west is Nanjing and North is Huning speedway, 312 national highway and Changhzou airport.
HuaYang was set up with Tai venture in 1993. It is a special producer about vehicle accessories. Now we have more than 555 employees, including 56 senior engineers and special technical persons. We are full of technical ability. We can design the product, make the tooling. production, supply and sale. We have product lines in stamping, welding, making tooling, cut, E-coat, assembly and so on.

The area is 30,000 square meters and the capital asserts reaches RMB 25,000,000. Our production value per year can reach about RMB 180,000,000...



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    Changzhou HuaYang Vehicle Accessories., LTD established in 1993, is a professional manufacturer in vehicle seat components, including various kinds of stamping parts and weldments.

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