• New energy vehicle innovation policy will push the battery and other core technology research

    July 4, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier Ma Kai in Beijing to study the development of new energy automotive industry, and held a new energy vehicle promotion and application forum.


  • Car heart of the engine maintenance of the six small common sense

    Since the engine is the car's "heart", then the usual car from which aspects of the car to maintain the "heart" it? Auto repair experts recommend the following six aspects to do.


  • Car seats are also used to maintain the mat

    The original car is generally equipped with leather seats, leather seats most likely to be damaged, nails, knives, hair, the key as long as a gentle stroke, it is very easy to leave a car seat cover


  • Turbocharged models need to pay attention to 3 points

    At present, most of the burning oil problems are caused by the seal seal between the turbocharger and the intake pipe damage caused by burning oil.


  • How much do you know about the car's "heart"?

    As the engine of the car, the engine can be said to be the power output of the whole car. About it, a friend said it is the connector of tank and transmission, but also a friend said it is the output of the source power of the car


  • Ten fake largest auto parts, you caught it?

    Everyone is pursuing personality, hope that they are different from others, even the car is no exception, whether it is the shape of the modification or replacement parts like to go to the market on their own amoy.


  • Influence "British off Europe" on domestic cars

    On the issue of British car exports, it is clear that in only a few high-end models level, although the price of these years has been plagued by the domestic market, but the domestic market through its own development, but also with some luxury cars manufactured mainly imported cars , had to rethink


  • After reading this article, you will know why there are more than 10,000 automotive components of

    It is estimated that about independent car parts are generally made more than 10,000 non-dismantling assembled. Structure is extremely complex special vehicles, such as F1 racing, the number of independent components which can reach as much as 20,000.


  • As the case of scrap automobile parts production of raw materials survey

    In Tokyo, Japan, at the "low-carbon technology • System 3R Positive business results report" on Tokyo Steel Technology Development Department, made a presentation about the "scrap automobile parts in highly utilized investigative techniques." 2012-2013 fiscal year, the actual verification of 100% s


  • Tire warranty can not be ignored

    After a few years the use of a set of tires, the tread surface is intact, but in fact the performance of the tire with the year will increase slowly aging, the quality decreased.


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