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With the British referendum held off Europe, Britain has been determined to break away from the EU. Although this is only representative of the majority of British public opinion, but the political and economic influence in the world, it is indeed very great. Since the end of the referendum, the impact on world politics, finance Needless to say, that touches on other industries, far beyond people's imagination. Among other things, with regard to fluctuations in the heart after the British off the European point of view, there have been huge problems like the England team, the game in Europe in a mess on the performance of athletes has become a legend, "went to pieces," and even She has no thoughts face of increasingly fierce competition. This makes the original genius gathered in England, all of a sudden becomes a lot weaker without the wind, which is a small country less than three hundred and thirty thousand of the population of Iceland team eliminated.
Whether these problems also occur in the field of automobile manufacturing, it is not easy to say, but in the face of the export of British car, a joint venture with domestic problems and the corresponding technical cooperation, etc., have varying degrees of domestic cars formed touched. If the first wave of European influence in the UK off off the tide, we can not make active preparations, then it is likely to directly affect the development of the domestic car.


For the British car industry, manufacturing capacity 1 million a year, is clearly not like Germany and Japan, as the domestic market has a huge force around. But the uniqueness and undeniable impact of the UK car manufacturing technology, and indeed irreplaceable. This would be the domestic automobile manufacturing, producing unimaginable impact. In particular, domestic autonomous vehicle technology at the beginning to some extent dependent on the domestic as well as cooperation with the rise, this effect apparently are not to be underestimated. This means that seemingly small volume of the British car industry can not be set off waves, but led a systemic problem if launched from a comprehensive point of view, the results appear on the back.


On the issue of British car exports, it is clear that in only a few high-end models level, although the price of these years has been plagued by the domestic market, but the domestic market through its own development, but also with some luxury cars manufactured mainly imported cars , had to rethink how to re-adaptation of the domestic market. Like Land Rover price problem is a good example. This time by the British off the European event for the export of high-end cars, apparently allowed the enterprise dilemma things, not only to test the domestic market is more suitable for the survival of high-end cars, further test of how to better use the British high-end cars price leverage good grasp of the issue of the Chinese market, this is more than anything else important.


If this time, we thought the British off in Europe, the impact on the Chinese market is not large, it would be wrong. This is because the British automotive technology, the impact on the domestic autonomous vehicle pivotal, although in terms of vehicle exports are still a small minority belonging to the corresponding category, but for cooperation and the protection of key manufacturing technology aspects of some of the UK technology companies to domestic manufacturing affect indeed very great. Like our own auto companies used the same engine as well as some key parts, technical support is derived from British companies, if not well aware of the subsequent impact "off Europe" formed by the independent nature of the domestic auto companies will produce unimaginable affected. So, this time, the domestic automobile enterprises should be aware of the relationship between "off Europe" and the influence of domestic technology dependent. As timely negotiations and reliance on British companies to make the necessary assessment and further understand and prepare for it, so the key is to protect the competitiveness of domestic independent car would not weakened.


Objectively speaking, the British off the impact of the formation of Europe, not far from the surface of these issues so simple. These both weak feeling of insecurity problems; there are market specific status change problem; for more cooperation brought about a chain reaction of problems, which will constantly have an impact. Therefore, in the case of the country ready to respond to change, and the domestic automobile market should likewise prepare, this is the key to be prepared for. Otherwise, a tariff change and growth, is likely to be completely overturned previous cooperation stability, which makes the process of autonomous vehicle development, is facing unprecedented challenges, I am afraid this is the most need big things seriously ......

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