• Influence "British off Europe" on domestic cars

    On the issue of British car exports, it is clear that in only a few high-end models level, although the price of these years has been plagued by the domestic market, but the domestic market through its own development, but also with some luxury cars manufactured mainly imported cars , had to rethink


  • Development Status Chinas auto parts manufacturing industry and prospects

    Auto parts under normal circumstances means that all parts and components, other than automobile chassis frame can be regarded as part, but not the same concept and components. Wherein parts refer to a single component can not split; part refers implement an action (or: Function) The combination of


  • After reading this article, you will know why there are more than 10,000 automotive components of

    It is estimated that about independent car parts are generally made more than 10,000 non-dismantling assembled. Structure is extremely complex special vehicles, such as F1 racing, the number of independent components which can reach as much as 20,000.


  • As the case of scrap automobile parts production of raw materials survey

    In Tokyo, Japan, at the "low-carbon technology • System 3R Positive business results report" on Tokyo Steel Technology Development Department, made a presentation about the "scrap automobile parts in highly utilized investigative techniques."


  • Tire warranty can not be ignored

    After a few years the use of a set of tires, the tread surface is intact, but in fact the performance of the tire with the year will increase slowly aging, the quality decreased.


  • Safety seats fail test to join 3C, steel skeleton of the safety seat into a new trend

    Since September 1, 2015, China began to implement child safety seat 3C compulsory certification is not obtained 3C certification child safety seat may not be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities. The country, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong, Shenzhen and other pr


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