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Seat Suspension / HYYF169 Car seat air suspension

HYYF169 Car seat air suspension

Car seat air suspension function introduction





Car seat air suspension function introduction

1.Quick inflate and deflate Adjustment: Press the button, The air inside the airbag is eliminated in 3S, so that driver can get in the car. Seat height has a memory function, press on the button, the seat height restores to its previous height.
2.Seat cushion angle adjustment: Adopt core piece structure adjustment, reliable. The design state is horizontal, which can be adjusted up 10 °and down 5 ° . (- 5, + 10)
3.Front and rear adjustment: design position, forward 100,backward 160, tooth distance 10mm, track total stroke 260mm.
4.Backrest adjustment: Forward: 39 ° backward: 41 ° (design changes can be made as needed)
5.Back support adjustment: the back straightens the waist by up/down two bags composition, the switch controls respectively two air bags inflating, deflates.
6.Dampers soft-hardness adjustment: suitable for 70-130kg drivers, divided into 9 grades, meet the drivers comfort requirements in different road conditions.
7.Height adjustment: Handle control the changes of height, 8 grades, the height rises to 100+-10mm.





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