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We usually buy any household items or food is going to be concerned about his production date and shelf life, the same car, there are many such and such date, such as the production date, warranty period, these dates with our daily car security is closely related to today we take a look at the car in the car and what are daily date needs attention.


Production date can help identify whether a stock car


As the name suggests, the production date of the car shows the car is when production can generally see nameplate automobile production date from the engine compartment or door frame of the vehicle. Marketing Manager of China through FAW Toyota 4S shops Wang Jun told reporters: "Follow automobile production date aim is to identify whether the vehicle is long stock car, in general, more than one year from the date of manufacture of the vehicle on the vehicle may be referred to long stock car. in the short-term storage of the vehicle when the vehicle will not produce too many problems, but if you put too much time, the external environment, quality vehicle interior a variety of compounds, plastic, rubber or alloy parts, etc. will change even degenerate, so when consumers buy a new car should pay special attention to the production date of the vehicle. "


Wang also warned: "General inventory of vehicles more than a year, given the margin of preference 4S shop will be relatively large, some consumers will buy this diagram affordable if purchased long stock car stock car, the first thing. thing is to ask the whole car 4S stores will replace important fluids, particularly engine oil and transmission fluid, and a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the vehicle.


Maintenance in warranty period to help the owners save a lot of money


Warranty period of the vehicle are generally very clear and unambiguous written specification in the car, the owner must look at the description of the different parts of the warranty period is different. PARKnSHOP sales staff FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop warned: "In the warranty period of the vehicle, if your car is in the normal use of non-human damage parts occurred, manufacturers can give you free replacement for new or At present the majority of car manufacturers to provide members with a vehicle for the production of two years or 60,000 km warranty service, and some manufacturers will provide three years or 100,000 km vehicle warranty, but it should be noted that time and is a few kilometers whichever comes first. "

Wang added: "Even with the vehicle warranty, but the warranty time all of the car parts are different, and therefore require special attention label instructions on the addition and now many manufacturers of vehicle warranty management is very strict, if not 4S. maintenance shop or maintenance time than the time specified by the manufacturer, the warranty period will be deemed a waiver, but when the normal end of your warranty period, you can pay a certain amount of money in the 4S shop, you can also extend the warranty period does not exceed 2 years. "


Birthday tire most easily overlooked most of the owners


Tire closely with our road safety, especially high-speed driving, so the production date of the tire is also very important, but the production date is the majority owner ignored. Goodyear Dalian Tire Co., Ltd. is a technical staff left Leung told reporters: "tire near the hub of where to find a string of four numbers, the first two digits indicate the production week, the last two represent the year of production, such as digital 1210 says 2010 produced the first 12 weeks, so if you want to replace the tires must be careful when its production date, in addition, keep in mind the date of manufacture of the tire marks on the world unity, will not mark the tires are a few specific number of production. If people tell you to change a tire this tire is the date of production, it is certainly in the flicker you.


Note that regular replacement of tires, a set of tires and then durable, can not be used for a lifetime, some people work easy, low frequency of use of the car, a set of tires after several years of use, the tread surface is intact, but in fact performance of the tire is also increased with year of slowly aging, the quality decreased.

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