Safety seats fail test to join 3C, steel skeleton of the safety seat into a new trend

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With the domestic growing number of private cars, as a guarantee of the safety of children traveling child safety seat more and more public attention. Since September 1, 2015, China began to implement child safety seat 3C compulsory certification is not obtained 3C certification child safety seat may not be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities. The country, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong, Shenzhen and other provinces already have traffic safety for children introduced local laws and regulations.


Failure test evaluation criteria included 3C


According to senior industry practitioners expressed safety seats, safety seats through the static test, dynamic test, burning test, toxicity test four links available to get 3C certification. In the May 20, 2016, for products in 3C certification ISOFIX interface has added a new standard for the failure of the test. We can not fail to test the safety seat will not get the 3C certificate.


About Test Failure


For the interpretation of test failures can be summarized in one sentence: when the ISOFIX Interface Dual Interface with LATCH fixed state (3-point fixed), due to specific factors (for 2-point state) when the drawstrings on the LATCH interface fails, collision when the displacement of the dummy index does not exceed the statutory requirements.


Failure to test the safety seat is the most important one rigid standards, is to improve child safety seats and the development of the insurance factor again, based on the original can better protect the child restraint.
Failure to test this concept in January 2015 added first to the European ECE certification standards, as one of the dynamic test standard interfaces ISOFIX safety seat. Then May 20, 2016, China's 3C certification will also fail the test included evaluating the specified range, and the whole inspection system in the decisive key elements. Can not fail to test the safety seat ISOFIX Interface class will not get the 3C certificate. And wherein one piece steel skeleton of the safety seat performance test failure data in the most good.
As more and more Chinese families the importance of child safety-conscious travelers, meaning the use of safety seats has become particularly important. Evaluation criteria more stringent, which means safety seat industry with increasingly high standard of specification. Failure to test or will become the new standard safety seat ISOFIX safety factor testing interface, and forming one of the steel skeleton of safety seats or seat will become a new field of "hot."

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